Post 2 week break FTP

Hi Coaches,

I am starting up the 10 weeks of weight training and last night was the first post MTi ride. I thought since we don’t do a FTP ride I would reduce my FTP from the 40K training plan by 10%. I get that the MTi’s aren’t per say as focused on the wattage, but more the effort at low cadence. I was doing my thing and still have a lot of power in the legs after the break and found that the effort wasn’t really a struggle at the reduced FTP . Should I keep going with the reduced FTP numbers or go ahead and stick with my pre break FTP? I’m just concerned that in a few weeks it would become a negative trying to ride in that higher FTP.

Thank you,

Stick with your last known FTP. Only 2 weeks it won’t drop much. However through the resistance phase it may. But most workouts won’t be based on power, more on strength. The MTIs shouldn’t be overly hard and you should be able to complete the intervals without to much cardio work. More strength work like you said.