Polarization plan?

I just finished your Sweet Spot Part 3 training plan and I liked it but I am feeling super tired. My fitness is probably better but I can’t tell because I’m too tired to perform at my best right now, let alone do another field test. I am certain that the short term benefits are great with this plan but I might need something that I can sustain throughout the season. My plan was to sign up for the Gravel Grinder plan next but was wondering if you had anything based off of polarization rather than FTP?
Thank you

First of all with feeling that tired make sure you take a good solid rest week. You may also be looking at taking a mid season break! That could be pretty beneficial this time of year, especially if you have been training hard since winter.


So the gravel grinder plan would be similar to the sweet spot plans. Gravel racing is all about Long sustainable effort and having a huge aerobic base! So that is why the focus is on sweet spot and some threshold work.

If you want that change, which I is good to have a mix in your training, but also depends on your goals you can try our criterium interval plan


This plan you focuses on the high intensity training. Then the training outside of the intervals can be all easy. This way you can focus on making the hard harder, and the easy easier. This is the idea behind the polarized training.

Some good recovery days Jason and I think you’ll come back stronger and more confident to tackle the gravel plan.

And to take Coach Jake’s fine recommendations further - time and patience are my two biggest recovery tips - its hard to sit on the couch and not train but hopefully when you do, you’ll feel the benefit with stronger legs and see that higher power output.

After recovery days and getting good sleep here are some other recovery tips:

With regards to ‘polarization’ here is a training tip I wrote and a podcast I did with VeloNews on the subject :nerd_face: