Plans to build up to Iron Horse

My targets for 2021 are top 10 at Iron Horse in AG and midpack at MTB nationals in Winter Park.

I’ve finished top 20 at Iron Horse a couple of years ago, was in top 10 but ran out of gas after spending too much time in the wind (other riders in group were MTBers who wouldn’t/couldn’t work together).

Plenty of time to get in shape. What plans do you suggest? Standard 8-10 hours a week available to train.

Will be doing standard diet of RRs and Crits beforehand. I’m best at TTing though. Firness is ok right now after a short CX season.

How do I pivot to MTB natz?

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Hi @colmflannery - you want to all the ‘things’ - phases of training - you have the time.

As described in our off season training tip and podcast here:

Start by lifting weights now then build a humongous base (sweet spot) and then do our hill climbing intervals. To pivot to MTB Natz do our XC MTB intervals plan after the Iron Horse.

You can buy those plans individually or in our 32 week off season plan. The HC & XC intervals are sold separately.

Hope that helps - Iron Horse was one of my favorite races - used to race it every Memorial Day back in the day.

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Thanks, Plans in the cart!