Planning ahead after last mtb race

I have my last mountain bike A race coming up the beginning of September. After that I may do some CX races but nothing I take seriously. This is my first time using one of your plans, right now I’m following XC mtb in season.

So, my first mtb races in 2020 will likely start around mid May. What plans, in what order would you recommend me doing. I see a bunch of different options and I’m not positive if some of them are supposed to be used back to back or one looks like it might include some aspects of another plan. So just want to be sure what you would recommend and when I should start the first plan.

I would start with our offseason weight lifting and sweet spot base plan. This would be 16 weeks of training. Then you can transition in xc mountain bike plan 6 weeks before your first race in May. Then go back into the xc in season plan.

Then intervals for XC mountain biking

So right there is 22 weeks of training.

In the fall you can look to do the fall foudation plan as well before you being the resistance training. Can do it either before or after midseason break.

Sorry, a little confused and want to make sure I buy the right ones and do them in the right order. After the 16 week resistance/SS plan which 6 week mtb plan should I do before the 1st race? Do the XC interval plan and then switch to in season plan once racing starts? Thanks.

Yes start with the 16 week plan, then you will need a regeneration week, then start the 6 week xc mountain bike plan.

You will want to finish this plan a week before your first race. The week of the first race can be a regeneration week before you begin the xc in season plan.

So you will have 22 weeks of plan, plus you will need to add in a week of regeneration between the plans and another one the first race. So basically you are looking at this giving you 24 weeks.

Ok, that’s what I thought but wanted to be sure. What would you suggest I do between mid September —> November when I would start the plan. Should I build in some level of downtime and just ensure overall I’m keeping my riding time/TSS at decent levels?

Foundation plan. Also the typical 2-3 weeks off the bike. Maybe before all that do a sweet spot plan.

I’d be more inclined to say have fun for those 4-6 weeks. Do group rides, work on mountain bike skills, go for Strava segments or Personal best. It’s good to keep fitness up before completely stopping but want to keep it a bit more fun.

So to recap 4-6 weeks of group rides, skills, segments, or sweet spot plan. Then 2-3 weeks off the bike. Then 3 weeks of foundation plan.


So somehow my timeframe for ending my season and then starting what you suggested above (16 week mtb plan, followed by 6 week xc plan) has a lot of extra time in between.

I’ll start the above mtb plans w/rest the first week of December and that will set me up for my first mtb race the middle of may.

So now it looks like I have a lot more time before then and I really need a plan(s) to stay focused until I start the 16 week weight lifting/SS plan.

I’ve taken a week off after ending my last mtb race Sept. 8th but then hurt my neck the other day so may end up having to stay off the bike this week too. Assuming I’m good to go next week, is there a plan or series of plans you would suggest leading up to December. Or since I have so much time until then, do you suggest doing a plan for xc mtb that is longer then that 16 week plan. I saw there’s a 32 week plan but I don’t know if some of the plans are ideal for xc mtb. Thanks.

The 32 week plan is a great plan!

So that plan starts off with the 3 week fall foundation. Then it moves onto the 10 week resistance training program. This is about building strength through gym work and on the bike strength work. Both of which would be great for mountain bike racing and you would really benefit.

Then it shifts into the Sweet Spot 1, 2 and 3 plans. This is building base. For anyone racing road, mountain bike or cross this is very useful! You need a huge base. In this plan not only do you do sweet spot intervals, but you do burst workouts which would mimci mountain bike racing. Also you could also do your sweet spot intervals on the trails to make them more race specific for you.

After that is when you could shift into a XC interval plan 6 weeks before your first event.

Depending on your time frame you may need to cut down some of the sweet spot base. But I would make sure you have 6 weeks of the XC interval work in before your first race.

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