Plan suggestion for Fat Bike race

Looking at a Fat Bike race in February that will take me anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the snow conditions. Any suggestions for a plan? I was thinking I might do the Iceman cometh plan, probably basic. Looking at the Intermediate plan, it looks like that might be a bit too much volume for me. I’ve averaged 6:15 hours per week so far this year, not all on the bike, XC skiing and strength thrown in too. Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi there @danreese

The power data from Fat Bike races resembles XC mountain bike races, there I would recommend you do the xc intervals plan for the six weeks leading into your race in Feb:

Since you have more than six weeks to train, do our sweet spot part 3 now and the over unders and criss cross intervals are great for mtb style racing

Hope that helps - good luck!

Thanks. Will look at them