Plan Selection Help - complex A race / peak timing!


I have a few months off work and am ready to commit to finding my best ever fitness and form. Would be very grateful for some advice on which plan(s) to follow.

39 year old male with 12 years training and racing experience. CTL currently at mid-60s which is low for me (typically I tend to go best in the mid-80s). I have plenty of time to recover and eat well this summer, and want to see how far I can go following a proper high volume plan. My race schedule is a bit complex because I am targeting time trials (typically 25 / 30 miles) until the national champs on 1 October, BUT I will also be racing the UK hill climb calendar through September and October and that will consist mostly of 4 to 8 minute efforts, with another A race being the national hill climb champs on 31 October (a 12-13 minute effort). So I am really not sure how to balance the traditional TT work with the VO2 max / intensity needed to get into hill climb form, and when to transition to higher intensity (if at all).

Maybe helpful if I list my race schedule:

21 May - 25 mile TT
11 June - 50 mile TT
25 June - 10 mile TT
9 July - 10 mile TT
23 July - 30 mile TT
3 September - 30 mile TT
September - a few 4 to 8 minute hill climb races
1 October - national TT champs 25 mile TT
October - a few 4 to 8 minute hill climb races
31 October - national hill climb champs 12-13 mins effort

My real targets are both national champs. I am hoping I can do well at the TT champs (1 October) by doing a big build and TT speciality up to early September, perhaps switching to a more polarized approach after the TT race on 3 September - hopefully holding on to TT form until 1 October, but whilst adding specificity for the hill climbs and ultimately the national hill climb on 31 October.

Appreciate this is a bit complex and layered, hence the request for help!

I am raring to go, motivation has never been higher, I just need the right combination of plans to get stuck into now.

Thank you so much.

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