Plan change 3 weeks into Polarized Sweet Spot

Just about to start week 4 and will be completing my Field test in a Crit this Saturday 26th September 2020 and was thinking about starting the Crit Plan on Tuesday the 28th and was planing to Race State Champs on the 17th October 2020. So 2weeks on and 1 week taper.
The race duration is only 35mins plus 2 laps and the corse is flat and zero corners its a big overall shape with some s shape back straight and this is in Brisbane
Australia. It’s masters and my age is 46 and currently on basic Polarized and this has me on a ramp rate 2 per week current CTL 60. I feel like i will get a bump in my FTP aiming for 310 form current 295 weight 78kg.