Plan after Big Sugar Cancelled

Finished 18 W SS Plan…was working toward respectively just finishing the 50 miler of Big Sugar now cancelled…thoughts are just to now get a plan (s)to train weakness, hills and kitchen plan, age 71 so not take too much of extended time off and hope there are some winter gravel events. Live in Texas heat!

Your thoughts please, very open to other plan suggestions, I’m not the best in door user…thanks and enjoyed the plan (s) I’ve done. Still have in season gravel plan in my cart…

Hi @thomasoneal - you should get into an off season training plan like our 32 week one here:

Be on the lookout for a podcast about the 5 “on” season training phase to hit the airwaves later today -

thanks but sadly i don’t have the back integrity to do that, squats are definitely a thing of the past for me…could you suggest an option 2…hills and overall weight are a problem…thanks

In that case start winning in the kitchen:

and look at our gravel plan , hill climbing intervals plan and road interval plan:

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