Pisgah Triple Crown—plan help

Good morning everyone. I was hoping to get some specificity on lining up my plans (and possibly which additional plans) until my “A” race. I am a FL rider that does have punchy climbs, but nothing sustained. I am planning to race the Pisgah Triple Crown with my “A” race being ORAMM. This is a lot more climbing than I am used to. I currently have the 16 wk off season weights+base loaded up and am about to start the hypertrophy phase. The way I have the plan lined up now finishes the end of May giving me approximately 8 weeks until my “A” race. I’m looking for guidance on which plan would benefit me the most following the 30wk plan. I’m leaning towards the firecracker 50 plan. It seems to mimic the demands of the races I will be doing. These specialty plans seem to typically take into account a taper for the race. Meaning the last day of the plan was your race. At least the marathon sweet spot did. If that’s the case, I’ll have 2 extra weeks to play with, should I extend my sweet spot training a week then a rest week leading into the start of my specialty plan, or something else completely?

Below is the race info I have collected. It shows the distance of the races, the elevation and the #1/#10 finishers of Open and the Vet (30-39 age) divisions. I am currently signed up for the Vet decision being 35 years old. I also have a few marathon distance “C” races on the schedule leading up. One of which is in TN allowing for some climbing.

Thank you in advance!

#1 and #10 finisher in division times*

Woods mtn- 36.4 miles 5472ft


*Vet- 3:08hrs/5:07hrs


——“A” RACE——

Oramm- 60 miles 10,500ft

*Open- 4:20-5:21hrs

*Vet- 4:51-5:32hrs



Swank 65—27miles 5000ft

*Open - 2:33hrs/3:22hrs

*Vet- 2:41hrs/3:22hrs


Firecracker- 50 miles 8000ft

*Expert 16-29–4:30hrs/5:11hrs

*Expert 35-39 —4:27hrs/5:38hrs