Pisgah Stage Race... xc interval plan or Breck plan?

Just finishing up the base phase and moving on to race and am wondering if the Breck stage race plan would be good for the 5 day Pisgah stage race. I’m assuming it would work just fine since Pisgah has 10-30min climbs followed by long downhill sections and some punchy steep stuff mixed in.

Link to the stage profiles:

Yeah that work out well. The Breck plan is built out to prepare you for long climbs. But also does give you some burst workout to prepare those punchy type of efforts. Important thing would be to make sure you do your weekend rides and simulation rides on terrain / trails that are similar to what you will face come race day. Hopefully that is possible for you!

I forgot to mention I’m doing the True Grit stage race and Moab rocks in March as fun/prep for Pisgah. That should give me some nice race pace training leading into April i think. Obviously ill need to adjust the plan to accommodate those races.

I’m here in Louisville, CO so the trails might be an issue for a couple weeks at least… I’m ready for summer!

Yeah those races will be great prep leading into Pisgah. Just making sure you are recovered a bit going into a stage, recover enough afterwards so you can complete the coming workouts and get the most out of them.

I’m with you and ready for summer as well!