Personal Training camp

Would it be a bad idea to put a 4 day training camp the weekend after completing the 10 week resistance plan and starting 18 weeks of SS? We can get to a warm spot 2 or 3 times this winter.

Goal is Haute Route Ashville 2020.

Right now my plan is start 10 wks resistance October28th finish 18 wks of SS the wk of Haute Route.

2nd question. Would it be better to skip the last 4 weeks of SS and do the Haute route interval plan. This is A priority event for 2020. Winning in the kitchen is happening as we speak. and late season goal of Rebeccas or Phil’s Fondo. Thank you in advance

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First I would work backwards. Put in the Haute Route plan and get all those workout in. The best time for a training camp would be during week 3 of this plan, which is 3 weeks out from the race. Replicate the riding as much as possible during this time. This three week window gives you time to adapt to the training and is also followed up by a recovery week which is perfect.

As for an earlier season camp I would wait till 2 - 3 weeks after the resistance phase. Maybe before the first regeneration week of the sweet spot plan. That first week or two following the resistance phase your legs aren’t as sharp and you can have a heavy feeling. Usually about 2 - 3 weeks after everyone feels much better. This would be the best opportunity to do a personal training camp. And again having it followed up by a rest week is the best approach so you can recover from the extra workload and be better for the next training block.

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^^^^^^ Yaaas :clap: because per our Podcast about ‘Timing’ two weeks ago - trying to peak after a training camp is all about timing. Use the PMC (err TSTWKT) to drive your CTL up during the camp and then per the plan, rest and focus on +'ve TSB (your form) leading into HR Asheville.

Thank you Frank and Jake. This is helpful. I also listened to the training camp podcast. With that, our January escape from winter will more of a “cycling vacation” than a training camp. It’s unlikely we will be able to ride outside between Thanksgiving and mid February. Vacation in a warm spot won’t be a training camp per se, but a time to see the sun, get a break from work schedules, and a little more enjoyable saddle time (non trainer). And THEN as the Big Cat also mentioned we’ll break away for a timely ‘training camp’ THANKS a TON! Sweeeet!

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