Perfomance manager chart

Hey guys. I’m learning to use the PMC so I can FTFP. Looking at the chart, there appears to be a solid blue line indicating my achieved CTL as well as a dotted line indicating my projected CTL, if…I FTFP. I thought there would be a way to compare the CTL I have achieved in real time to what I was projected to have achieved. Is this possible? I’m probably missing something obvious.

Thanks again!

One way is to enter the plan’s weekly TSS into each week of your “manual” periodized ATP. You’ll then see the ATP-vs-actual for the whole season.

Thanks. I will give that a shot. I appreciate your time!

For the date range select April 1st for example and the TSS’s From your plan in the future will populate your PMC, including projected CTL

Awesome. I made those changes. Is there an easy way to compare actual CTL with projected CTL? Does that make sense?