Pacing Sprint Workouts

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Quick question on the sprint workouts in the base/lifting phase.

The workout text says to go all-out on the sprints. Should they be all out at the expense of having power output fade throughout the workout, and perhaps even within a given set? Or should the effort be a bit more contained in a way that power output remains fairly constant for the whole workout?

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All out like each one was your last. You want to goto failure. As hard as you can. Slobbering and crying for Mommy by the end of each of these workouts :wink:

When done properly (hitting your cadences) your later intervals won’t be as near as powerful as the first ones.

Like this set of 4 x 15secs On 15 seconds off Sprint Intervals. Notice how the amplitude of power goes down each successive sprint but cadence hits 110 rpms or slightly higher for each interval


Cry in the DoJo to Laugh on the Battlefield :raised_hands:t3::boom:

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Indeed! Pretty darn hard these. They seem easy on paper but in practice. Wow! :slight_smile:
Isn’t this some kind of vo2max session?

I actually loved those . I Absolutely destroyed them :call_me_hand:t2:. I will definitely used them (shorter version) as openers.

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