Origins of 'Everesting'

Given Phil Gaimon’s world record Everesting attempt I am curious as to whether cyclists and onlookers are aware of its origins?

I am well versed on its history and was lucky enough to meet the man that invented the concept.

Was it the Everest Challenge in Bishop Ca? I raced it 3 years in the 2000s. Can’t remember the original promoters name, but great event. Great support from Sierra running club. Was shortened by snow one year, very hot other years. Steve B(arnes?) took over promoting until ran out of support.

No it was a guy from Down Under - George Mallory whose grandfather climbed Mt Everest and he wanted to do the same only he wasn’t a mountain climber rather a cyclist enthusiast.

I’ve copied in an article that details his journey to the summit after numerous attempts.

I follow George on strava and he lives only a km from my home.

He’s an inspiration.

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