One day of recovery and I'm still tired/slow

I’m following the SS plan, and as I am getting longer/harder weekend rides I’m finding I’m not able to do my threshold intervals after my rest day. How should I decide between backing off a bit on the weekend rides, adding a second easy day, or just grunt through my Tuesday workout falling short on the wattages to stay on schedule?

Sounds like under-recovery to me - see our training tip on recovery along with the oodcast.

That said - are you getting 8 hours of sleep?
Managing stress?

On the other hand if FtFP’ing, how old are you and which level plan are you on? Matching your training volume to your recovery could help

Late 40’s on the intermediate plan. I’ve been riding and racing since I was 18, although not racing much the last several years. Definitely don’t feel like I recover like I used to :unamused:

Ok - about like me, how about sleep - how much do you get each night?

If less than 7 - that is probably why you aren’t recovering in time. Not to shame, but we point that out to improve and then in our experience we see big gains in recovery and consequently performance and power output.

To get more in tune with how much sleep you are actually getting, we recommend the Whoop Recovery band that’s also a sleep tracker: