One Day Full Gas Races During Base Build-Up (Sweetspot)

Hi there!! I am currently building base with the 18 weeks sweetspot plan with an A race of 2022 scheduled for Abril 6-9. A road stage race of 4 days and 5 stages (one day has two stages). However, between December 2021 and March 2022 the local cycling organization does several one-day races (Classics) before the big events so participants can begin to “sharpen the knife”.

My question is if its OK to do this one-day events (mostly during the weekends on Sundays) while building base? What to do if the one-day race is scheduled during the third week of the plan (the week with more volume)? Should I customize that week training sessions? This one-day events will be my B or C races. However, I believe its always good to test the engine during these opportunities to see where I am standing against future competition. My first classic (after 2021 season) is on December 19th, 2021

As a side note, I will enroll with a Fascat coaching plan beginning on January 2022 (but its never late to ask a question I guess). Thanks for the great content out there, you guys rock!!

hard to answer @rolando.farrach - we don’t know enough. Once you start working with Coach @Christian - he’ll advise but until then it may or may not be a good idea based on

your training load, ability to recover on Monday, what & when your goals are (timing is everything) and your ramp rates, to name a few!

Also have you even taken a post season break?!

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Thanks for the advice @FRANK Already in touch with Christian to start working a few weeks ahead. For now, we´ll keep up the base rides during the Holidays to keep it fun during this time of year (I had to take my season break earlier during the year due to Covid). Thankfully I got back riding a few months back and looking forward to the 2022 season working with Fascat (already tried the plans which are great)!!