On-Season Training Plan: Road and MTB

I just purchased my first training plan - the 32-week “off-season” plan, and am eager to get started next week!

I tend to use both road and mountain bikes (mountain bike racer up to marathon distances) in training, especially during the winter months when trails are often wet/unusable. My road bike is the only of the two currently equipped with a power meter, though, and the bike I’d use on my rollers if I’m really stuck inside. How would I handle various workout scenarios in this plan given frequent swaps from road to mountain? I envision all FTP tests will be done on the road, but even weekend group rides may be on the trail as often as they are on the road, based on weather and trail conditions.

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Welcome @erin.mcmahon - we like to say, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and riding multiple bikes is super fun, diverse and ultimately will lead to consistency, and long term improvement.

All that said, you can use any bike any to follow your plan. Some bikes for some workouts are better than others - like your road bike for your FTP test. Or your mountain bike for the long endurance ride on Saturdays.

If you are riding a non powermeter’ed bike, use heart rate - you can follow all the workouts by heart rate in addition to power. You’ll even get the nerdy hrTSS in TrainingPeaks.

Hope that helps !