Nutrition: I need more carbs

After talking with an experienced cyclist and doing some research on my own, it would appear, based on my current diet that I am not getting enough carbohydrates. I am planning to add more rice to my diet and am wondering what type you recommend for a masters athlete in the middle of sweet spot 1 and then moving to sweet spot 2.

Hey @markgronemeyer !
As an endurance athlete, you definitely need carbs in your diet if you want to perform well.
Is your question regarding the type of rice you should choose? Are you open to consuming other forms of carbs as well?

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, what type of rice as well as other forms of carbs.


What is your current diet? I.e. are you eating 3 meals and day plus snacks that have carbs in each meal/snack?

As described here and detailed out in our meal plan:

Nutrition is my thing, so more than happy to help!
Right before your ride, you will want easy to digest carbs. You can learn about that here:

For other times of the day you want carbs that are rich in fiber and nutrients such as sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, brown rice, white rice, quinoa, oats, bananas (and all fruit really), dried fruits such as dates and a lot of potatoes. You can find all these and in the quantities you need in our Winning in the Kitchen meal plans that frank just linked above :slight_smile:

I eat three meals a day. A good breakfast of either egg whites with vegetables, steel cut oats with fruit or hard boiled eggs and English muffin with peanut butter. Lunch is usually yogurt and fruit and vegetable. Dinner is whatever we eat as a family.

that’s awesome - so jus sounds like you need to dial in the amount of carbs to what you are already eating

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