Notification & Link?

Hello - I have several questions about the forum:

  1. Is there a way to receive notifications of new topics?
  2. Is there a way to mark/tag topics that I am interested in to be able to follow replies?
  3. I don’t seem to see a link to the forum in the web site


Hi @cozadjeff.misc - welcome to the new forum. You can go into your forum settings to control notifications, alerts, etc… Here’s more info

Right now the forum is in beta for you all as part of the private Facebook Group but eventually there’ll be a link from to the forum. For now just bookmark and visit back often :slight_smile:

Also check this out :white_check_mark:

Discourse is quite a clever platform. Once you have replied to a thread and there are new posts you will get to see these and it even scrolls you down to the unread items.
My personal method is to use the hamburger menu in the top right and select ‘New’ or ‘Unread’ to get a quick view of changes.
There is also a Discourse mobile app but I have not got much experience with that. Maybe worth a look.

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