Not Sure if I Need A Season Break

So Covid 19 Lockdown 1st Wave started towards end of March, we couldn’t leave our house for a month or 2. Which allowed me 2 weeks of no activity until I started Zwifting. Initially I was just route badge hunting, then did the 4week FTP Booster, did a couple of Zwift Races & now recently the Zwift Academy workouts in between racing as well. It’s now end of November heading into Summer with lots of outdoor riding & racing that can be done with no Covid 19 Lockdown restrictions currently in place. I’m now not sure if I can kick off some Sweet Spot Training outside or should I be taking a break, given that most Zwift activities were on average 60mins. Any advise and guidance would be appreciated. I’ve got a Cape Epic Mountain Bike 8 Day Event coming in March 2021 to prepare towards.

Hi Malcom!

So if your goal event is Cape Epic in March that roughly leaves you with 18 weeks. The best approach is to start with 12 weeks of sweet spot (sweet spot 2 and 3) and then move on to an interval plan. You need to build in a huge aerobic base with that big 8 day event. My guess your anaerobic engine is good with all the Zwift racing but you need to build up your endurance.

For the interval plan to follow the sweet spot 2, and 3 I would recommend our Breck Epic 8 day plan

If you feel burnt out you would need a break, maybe a week off but you need to start training for an even this close rather soon. But being a little fatigued will only make you much more so in 4 - 6 weeks so best to be fully ready to take on the 18 weeks of training rested than going in tired. I recommend all my riders take a post season break but typically we plan this out far in advance.,when%20it’s%20time%20to%20train.

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Thanks Coach Jake, is there a huge difference in the MTB Marathon SS plan and the Breck Epic SS Plans?


The only difference between the two is the Breck plan incorporates the six day race into the taper/end of the plan.


Just received the best news, due to second wave of Covid-19 Cape Epic being postponed to October 2021. Now I can ditch the SS plans and start with my Fall Foundation, Weights & Base, WhooopWhooop!!! and as per @FRANK latest podcast I listened to last night I dont want to be leaving Watts on the Table :slight_smile: