Normalized Power vs Average Power

Hey FasCats,

When I finish my Sweet Spot Group Rides on Saturdays/Sundays which one should I be focusing on? What’s the difference between the two?



When doing an effort or ride longer than 60 minutes like the Saturday sweet stop group rides you can look at normalized power. With a true sweet spot group these two numbers shouldn’t be that different.

Normalized power takes in account all the harder efforts you do and the physiological cost to give you a truer measurement of the power it took. So say you did two rides one indoors at 200 watts in erg mode and one outdoors with hills and averaged 200 watts. The one outside is going to feel harder and take more effort most likely because of the effort you put out while climbing. Most likely the normalized power of this ride maybe 220 - 240 watts, what it actually felt like.

Why I say a sweet spot group ride should be relatively close between actual average and norm power is you should have very little power surges over your FTP. So it is going to be more of a steady output. When you get to the attack style group rides you should see a much higher normalized power when compared to actual average. Much like you would see in a race file. Many surges, spikes and accelerations.

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