No Group Ride No problem

Confronted with no local gravel group ride I was all ready to take the BigCat’s advice and drive a couple of hours and meet up with some gravel riders ‘in country’. Great idea and I will do this but it hit me that what the heck … whilst my local environment isn’t exactly perfect I can rustle something up surely?

I contacted my LBS and asked them if they were keen to do a group gravel ride Saturdays. No cost to them just spread the word via facebook etc. A big win win for both. First group ride was Saturday. Lotsa fun, heaps of laughs and plenty of Sweet Spot without even looking at the garmin head unit! The word has spread and we are rolling weekly rides. Group ride Saturdays, Sweet Spot plan #ftfp :heavy_check_mark:

So there you go… there might be a similar opportunity where you are. It’s a cool way of getting together similar level riders to yourself and even getting a couple of rabbits along to chase and increase your watts!

Chris (Father) O’Leary