No Croatan Buck Fifty. ?Next Plan?

Hey Frank or Anyone

Thanks for the efforts to keep us going through COVID. I just finished the Gravel Grinder Plan after 18 weeks of sweet spot. My big comeback race, The Croatan Buck Fifty was canceled last weekend so I’m going back to Base. Ace of Base! Is there a way to add just the last 6 weeks of the 18 week plan (I assume this is what you would suggest.)

I’m a 45 yo former cat 2 who took 10 years off and has been trying to get back to it for about a year. Raised FTP from maybe 220 to 266. Also lost maybe 12 pounds and so increased FTP watts/kg maybe 0.8. So it’s coming, but slow. Really have barely touched VO2 so that could be some easy gains later… Despite getting older my body seems to respond really well to volume. Couple 14-16 hour weeks recently made me feel way better. Felt stronger even through and during the hard training. Lots of sweet spot seems to be helping too!

I’m an emergency physician and work weird hours. Good point being I often have big blocks of time during the week when I either am off or work late in the day and get to ride while kids are at school. Weekends are sometimes hard.Thanks!! (and I’ve likely need to plan for some time off when I get covid…so it goes)




I’m thinking I would alternate between base and and gravel plan until I can actually plan for an event to happen. That would be 6 + 6 = 12 week blocks. I’m signed up for Rooted VT in August and BWR Asheville, but who knows. I do like riding/training for fun in general, even intervals, so don’t need to have that extrinsic motivation. I just want to work on getting stronger/faster for long run…

Hi @thomaslebosquet ! Thanks for your question; we are going to answer it on today’s podcast bc a LOT of folks are the same boat. Sans the whole ER Covid thing - hang in there!!

I think Rooted and BWR in August are wonderful options and now you just need to readjust your entire Annual Training Plan (ATP)

For now cycling back and forth between sweet spot base (part 3) and the gravel plan is a good idea. The key features are the VO2’s, gravel simulation rides and threshold climbing intervals.

Hope that helps - more on the pod!

Thanks man! I’ll listen to the pod later today. Riding, and now podcasts about bike life are great joys, even in the time of covid!

I’ll be home in NE for Rooted and have some connections and now live in AVL, so BWR is a no brainer. I could keep riding bigger portions of the route for my gravel simulations! (but how would I then get home). Although I’ve never been a “climber” (low ftp even when I was racing lots) living in Asheville is getting more more climbing than ever…

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Evening, Tom!

I heard Frank mention you in the most recent podcast and wanted to touch base.

We are both living in Asheville it seems. Same age and I think close-ish FTP numbers. I am almost exclusively riding solo but would not mind to get together for some weekend rides or gravel sims. If you’re interested, let me know. FasCat Gravel Team…Asheville Edition? :thinking:


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I approve this social distance riding plan! :white_check_mark:

Sounds great Dinan. I’m always looking to get out there with people. I live in South Asheville and weekdays are often best for riding. With COVID and kids at home, who knows how we will fair over the next few months but I’ll definitely be trying to get the miles I can.

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