No A race - what to do?

Or B race. Or C race. I love cycling and do so mainly for fun and general fitness. What’s the best way for me to structure my training?

Hi Grant,

It’s not as different as you might think.

When I coach athletes who don’t race, the first thing I do is identify what they want to be good at: hanging with the A group on the group ride? Beating their fastest Strava times on their local mountains? Doing long, epic rides? Goals always influence the training.

So once you’ve identified that, you can start as almost all racers do, regardless of their goals: building a big aerobic base, raising your FTP, and increasing endurance. A plan like the 30-week off-season plan or progressing through the Sweet Spot plans would be perfect.

Then, you can fine tune your fitness towards your goals: a plan like Road Racing Intervals might be great to crush the weekly group ride, or the hill climb plan might be perfect to hit some PBs up your local mountains.