Next Plan? MTB & CX

Hey Fascat Folks,

I just finished up the resistance plus sweet spot training plan. I am trying to decide if I want to do another sweet spot plan or do something else. I race road, MTB, and cross, with the main focus on cross. From what it seems like the road season will basically be a write off this year, and maybe there will be a few MTB races. I live in Athens, Georgia. I work full time in a bike shop but have time to ride 10-16 hours a week depending on the week. What plan do you think would be best for me moving forward?


Connor Lake

Hi Connor - for cx we have some great options:

I wouldn’t begin the CX Summer Sweet Spot until June 1st tho. Before then since you are coming off the resistance plan you could do sweet spot part 3 or sweet spot marathon MTB. Choose the advanced level with 10-16 hours to train.