Next plan and thanks

Hi, I’m just starting week 5 of Phil’s Strava plan but have also been listening to your podcasts and reading articles on your website for a while before this and have made a few modifications to my diet which have resulted in some amazing changes.

Had been feeling bloated at times for a while and not really understood why, thought it might be bread/wheat related so stopped eating bread and switched to eating a daily salad with rocket and quinoa or rice and some form of protein.

Bloating has completely gone.

I’ve also dropped around a stone in weight (13 to 12) without really trying, I know you mention not trying to lose weight in the summer doing intervals but I haven’t really tried to lose weight, it’s happened as a side effect of making better choices and being conscious of portions and not snacking on crap.

I’ve also tried to get at least 8 hours sleep a night.

As a result of all these changes, my resting heart rate has dropped to the mid 40s from low 50s and I just feel like I have more energy all round.

These benefits have had a positive effect on the bike.

I don’t compete, just like challenging myself hence why the Strava plan appeals, I’ve set a PR every week on my chosen climb, and although road works started 3 weeks into the plan on this stretch of road I switched to another hill and have continued to set PRs.

Although I’m used to training with power indoors on a smart trainer, I’ve not trained with power outdoors until now.
It’s been a learning curve but I’m getting used to it, I did a trial 20 minute field test a week or so before the planned 20 min test and learned a lot between the 2 so was able to apply changes resulting in a better test and more realistic zones for the remainder of the plan.

The hardest thing to find around my area is a stretch of road with a steady incline or flat without junctions, roundabouts etc so the test is a little compromised because of this.

Knowing how to train with power has helped immensely when climbing as I know how much power I can sustain for a given duration and achieve the best result.

I’m keen to start another plan after this but what plan would you suggest next?
A rest week first?
As mentioned I like the continual feedback loop of the Strava plan where I get to test every weekend but is it better to switch to a SS plan for 6 weeks then back to Strava or hill reps etc after the SS?

Keep up the great work, this site contains a wealth of excellent information explained in a way that’s easy to understand.


Hey @mike.wood
Congrats on winning in the kitchen, losing a stone and catching more Z’s! That is awesome-- really speaks to why we always preach to our athletes that 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen, as well as how much of a difference a healthy diet and adequate recovery can have on ones performance.
If you haven’t seen it yet, we just released our first Winning in the Kitchen Meal Plan that will help you learn even more about healthy eating, meal prepping and fueling your rides… you might even lose another stone in the process! :slight_smile:

As far as which plan to do next, its best to go ahead and get that rest week in and then do our 18 weeks of Sweet Spot which you could follow with the hill climbing intervals. For both of these plans you can use that hill you have been using previously for some of the intervals in these plans to keep tracking your progress and grabbing those PR’s!

Alternatively you could do our 32 week off season plan and then jump into those plans above with a big base!

Hope that helps, good luck with your training! Looking forward to hearing more of your progress :boom::muscle:t3: