Newbie question about missing workouts

I’m in my first Regeneration week of the 18 week plan and scheduled to do a fairly light SS work out tomorrow (4x9 I think), but, I’m still feeling the overall body and head soreness from a black-ice crash on Saturday. I should be ok in a couple of days I suspect. I’m loving the program so far and eager to start back hard next week.
So in the meantime … is it better to take a couple workouts off, or maybe just do a chill ride on the trainer to keep legs somewhat fresh if possible? I don’t want to get off sched.

Sorry to hear about your crash! That is never good! I’ve hit some slick spots before and fell in training as well. Give yourself time to heal.

So not sure if by head soreness you mean a concussion or if you were diagnosed with a concussion. That is something that needs to be taking seriously and handed by a doctor. We are not doctors so make sure you are healthy before jumping hard back into any training.

Typically with any injury that is not too serious I would recommend you get healthy. If you can get on your bike you can try to spin easy. Maybe do just a zone 2 ride for an hour and see how your body responds to that the next day. If still good then you can try the 4 x 9 sweet spot efforts. Then it’s Friday off and see how you are by the weekend before making any decisions again on efforts.

Express some caution here when you are talking about head injuries! Hope you recover fast and feel on the up and up quickly! Glad you are enjoying the training.

Thanks, Jake. I’ll give that a go.