New Zwift Feature

Hi All!

So today was the first day I tried out a new Zwift feature. It is called pace partner. Here you can choose a pacer to ride with. Typically when you join this pacer there are others as well so it can be a fair size group. The best part of it is the pacer will stay at advertised pace. So others can go off front but as long as you stay with pacer there will be the draft.

This can be a great way to get through zone 2 days with a group at your zone 2. You can even do intervals off the front but having a group to come back to. I did that today. Chose the group that was at my zone 2. Did muscle tension intervals at the front / off the front and had the group to go back to and finish up the ride.

There is no set start time. The pacer seems to be on course 24/7. So where you start just depends on where the pacer avatar is. So no fast Zwift starts! However you need to be ready to pedal once you hit start ride with pacer as you will have 3 seconds to be riding at the pace needed to stay in draft.

To choose this option you need to choose the Watopia course. You will see “Pacers” under riders to ride with.

From there you can choose what pace you want to ride at. Again this is based on watts / kg.

Then you will click on ride with “Pacer” at the bottom.

Remember once join the group Zwift will place you with them immediately on course. There is no start time. You will have to start pedaling immediately and at pace to stay with the group. So you may need a warm up before you hit join the pacer.


This is good to know. I have 2 weeks left of strength plan and that has a 3 hour and 4 hour Z2 ride to complete. I have opted for zwift just for 1 month to get me through these before I get into base phase and ride lengths are shorter (but more intense)

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Thanks for the heads up Coach @Jake - will try this.

However you will forever always be known as JakerPacing in my book :wink:

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What you are showing is the Pace Partners, not Meetups. They are different.

  • Pace Partners:
  • Meetups:

I do really like the PP option and have used it a bunch for some “free” rides instead of boring ERG workouts at more steady state.

Thanks. That is what I meant. We did the meet up for our FasCat ride last week. Just was typing too fast.

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Figured so, just wanted it to be clear for readers :smiley:

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Pace Partners is a pretty cool feature. I have been hanging with Coco Cadance for a while on my lifting days. The wkg can be a bit varied at times but it is still a fun way to ride.

Ed K


Going to do my standing start intervals and then tag on an hour in Z2 trying out pace partner tomorrow