New threshold for next week?

I have been using Peloton spin bike for indoor training last few months, following SS1 and SS2, threshold was 256. Ride outside this morning and using road bike wit Stages power meter, I had a 20minute thresholds of 284. Felt like legs were not 100% trash, but Yeah for me!!! Heading into last week of SS2 on Monday and it’s a tough one. Does this mean I need to update my FTP in TrainingPeaks, Strava, and the Peloton app? I will be doing Tues/Wed/Thurs rides on indoor Peloton and vacation over the weekend so will be tough getting in SS weekend rides. . Kind of hesitant for new zones next week.

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Sounds like you are getting faster Steve, nice! So 20 minute peak power is going to be higher than your FTP which is your Max 60 min power.

Regardless if you have data saying your threshold has improved, update your account > settings > zones in TrainingPeaks and keep on following the plan - the wattages are a % higher so its nothing to be worried for bc you are stronger.

Here’s a video using normalized power to measure your FTP & improvement:

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@FRANK my 60min Power for that ride was 9pts higher than my existing FTP on the indoor spin bike. So, set my FTP higher?

I’d have to analyze the data to say for sure but we do offer power data analysis with our new Coaching Subscriptions:

Ah, I see what you did there… :grinning:

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