New Optimized Training Stress Score

Frank, I think I am on the mailing list. Question? Can I use my Garmin 955 for sleep and HRV. It records both. It’s not on the approved list.

Hi @frank.jones - make sure you sign up from the pop up on [I don’t see you in the list to be notified]

We are currently testing the Garmin ForeRunner 955 and Fenix 7 series watches for our ability to pull sleep and HRV data.

Garmin should display HRV samples to our code in the same way regardless of device. Right now it is handling Oura HRV, so theoretically Garmin should be the same.

We will certainly letcha know here !

Thanks Frank. If I can pull the info (or manually) that would be great.
Thought I was signed up, but just added my name to the list.
Excited about this direction!!!

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