New look to the cats

Howdy cats,

Just wanted to say I’m liking the new look logo and branding.
Well done @FRANK and co.


Thanks! This is my favorite version: gold star if you can name the route from the elevation profile!

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Saw this in your ig story, clever logo design. Couldn’t figure out the elevation profile but things are def looking sharp around here lately

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Love that logo! :sunglasses: Just went to the website for your phone number and saw the new look - very nice! By the way, did I say love that logo?! Didn’t see it on the main site…

the route, hmm :thinking: no gold star for me lol. But I’ll give your new look a special smiley emoji courtesy of Hwy 88

Is it the Triple Bypass?


Don’t forget the TrainingPeaks header logo! Itll look good in there with the small banner size

Sure looks like Iron Horse?