New 30 week OFF Season Plan & new 16 Week Sweet Spot Plan 💥

The leg squats are in the plan because they are, bar none, the best lower body exercise in the books. Minute-for-minute no other leg exercise is going deliver the strength gains that leg squats will.

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I have used SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4 over the last few years with huge success. At 55 years old my FTP often spanks my younger ride buddies. If the Big Cat has “optimized” and tweaked what has already proven to be the “shiz” then I’ll be using his new 16 week plan without question!

Well done to the Big Cat @FRANK and his Pride ! All power to all us cats : - ) and of course #ftfp cos you’re a pussy cat not a Fascat if ya don’t know what’s good for you by now :rofl:



I have 2 questions.

Is the New 30 week OFF Season Plan suitable for preparing for the new marathon mountain bike season?

I have enough time, the physical condition is very good, I have 314 FTP.
Should I choose the Advanced or PRO option?

The first race is announced at the beginning of April.


I am really enjoying this plan so far but I do have a minor question regarding the rest days; it says to do “at least 2 of these 3 recovery activities”, but as I read it four activites are then listed (foundation, hydrant, skate, Yogaglo).
Can you please help me understand this so I can make sure to FTfP? :blush:

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I consider hydrant and skate only 1 - so 2 of those three

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Yes - it is perfect

Do you derive a paycheck from your racing? If so , then you are a “pro” and should be on the pro plan - training and recovering full time.

If not choose the advanced.

Figure out how many weeks you have till your first race, allow time to switch from base to race and start accordingly!

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to becoming a part of this fast community.

Do the weekday sessions in the Advanced 16 week plan extend beyond 2h in the later weeks?

I’m 100% confident I could nail the intermediate plan, probably with a little room to breathe.

If weather gets really bad, I don’t want to sit on the trainer for 5 or 6h on the longest weekend rides - so I’m deliberating moving more stress onto the weekdays (up to 2h would be fine) with the advanced plan. Sure I could just tack Z2 on to the intermediate weekdays, but the additional interval TiZ of advanced would certainly have a bigger effect.

Then I would already have three solid days in the bank.

If weather is tolerable, I would also be able to complete the advanced weekend rides as prescribed. If push comes to shove, I would do as much as possible (let’s say 3.5h max. for a weekend session on the trainer).

I’m 58 and would go with the Intermediate version.

Have a question about the new '22 at home weight lifting plan. The spreadsheet has “Strength 1-6” but the plan in TP only has 2 weeks of strength workouts. Then on the title of the Power Phase it lists “3 weeks” but in the description it says “2 x’s per week for 3 weeks, 4 “power” workouts”, which is contradictory. Is the strength phase supposed to be 3 weeks/6 workouts or is the power phase?