New 16 Week Sweet Spot Base Plan

Hi FasCats,

it´s getting time again to start with the sweet spot base phase. I already possess the old “18 weeks of sweet spot” plan and think about upgrading it to the new version.

It seems that the overall structure of the plan is quite similar so I´m not sure about the difference. Maybe there are some of you who upgraded to the new plan and could tell if the plans are rather modified or include some substantial changes.

Thank you.

When deciding between the twosweet spot plans I also asked about the differences and here is what I received

Hey Mike!

Yes, there is a difference. The 16-week plan has all of your rest weeks built in so you do not have to do any adjustments, whereas the individual sweet spots are 6 weeks long with a rest week in the 4th week. If you go with those, for every other one you’ll need to push the rest week up to week 2.

Also, the 16 week plan is our most recent version and it combines workouts from not only sweet spot parts 1-3, but also SS part 4 + a few of our signature wintertime intensity workouts that are ideal for the indoor trainer :ok_hand:t3: