New 10-Week Resistance Training Plan

I recently purchased and dropped the new resistance plan in TP. The plan looks great. The resistance plan drops my CTL over the 10 weeks, from 68 to 57. Had hoped to keep CTL at about 70 going into the new year. Is there an advantage to starting the new season with a higher CTL than the previous season? Can I add cycling workouts over the 10 weeks that will keep my CLT at about 70? Thank you in advance.

So with the 10 week program your CTL will drop because you’ll be weight lifting and not riding everyday.

If you have time to add 30mins of zone 2 to your endurance rides during the week and up to 60mins endurance to your zone 2 rides on the weekend that will help keep your CTL up a bit.


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Thanks! My bad for not factoring in pre & post weight lifting rides. With that done & adding some additional endurance rides, I can keep my CLT up for the start of the new year.