Need help adjusting interval plan with upcoming 12 hour race

Finished my MTB sweet spot training plan and feeling super strong. Just completing my 1st week of interval plan. Probably need some help on adjusting next week due to June 1st 12 hour Erock race.-solo.

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Doing a 12 hour race on the 2nd week of interval plan definelty throws everything off. First of all you’ll want to be fresh going into the race as it’s 12 hours! Secondly you will need more recovery. So feel like you will be missing several workouts.

Basically you just do one workout next week and rest into the weekend. Then resume the 2nd week of the interval plan with Wednesdays workout.

Without one on one coaching or a membership this is about as detailed as we can get. But just remember to be rested going in and rested coming out.

Sorry Matt for the confusion! You are a member now so we will make the TrainingPeaks edits for you! I see you will be doing the Winter Park Hill Climb on the 8th as well. So we will make some adjustments in TrainingPeaks for you to get you dialed in! Looks like you had a nice build up of CTL and now are hitting the intensity getting ready for the racing. That is good!

Again sorry for my mistake and we will get you set up shortly.

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Ok I fixed up your TrainingPeaks plan for the next two weeks with your 12 hour race on the 1st and Winter Park Hill Climb on the 8th.

For next week you will take Thursday off and then do an opener ride on Saturday. The openers ride doesn’t have to be too hard since it is a 12 hour race! Not quite the same as trying to open up for a 1 hour criterium. Then on Sunday you will have off and need the recovery! Should be able to resume training with intervals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Again then having Thursday off and Friday openers before the Winter Green Hill Climb. Openers are more important before this shorter more intense event. Sunday will be a long endurance mountain bike ride with freestyle sweet spot. Might be tired here but you will be having a regeneration week coming up following this.

Give this podcast a listen on fueling! Will be crucial during your 12 hour event and Firecracker 50 down the road. But not only does it help you during the event but also proper fueling during a race and each training day makes it easier to recover sooner before the next workout / ride.

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Sweet!!! Thanks!! Currently in Cincinnati for my nephews hs graduation so I’m being creative with my training the next two days with a hotel treadmill lol. Feeling super strong and want to maintain for my races. Thanks again for all your help!

Right on Matt - do your Nino’s , your YogaGlo , your Foundations & REVO while you are away. I advise against running - good way to injure yourself. Stick to those 4 exercises which you can do anywhere and from your iPhone, tablet, or laptop. Or maybe you have them memorized?

Thanks Frank!! Love the yoga routine, it’s definitely helped with my hip flexors, psoas muscles . For some reason the link to the foundation work YouTube isn’t working, do you have another link?
Ps. Followed a zone 2, 12 hour race prep last year…mistake. Your MTB sweet spot and intervals are the “money”!

Great - the Foundation link has been going around on this thread:

Thanks again Frank!sorry to keep on bugging you

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