My Zwift Century

Last weekend of the month here was wet, so opted to do a Zwift Century. I was fully expecting to finish it with that “I’ll NEVER do that again” mindset but for reasons I can’t explain, I didn’t.

I’m trying to figure out why it felt relatively easy compared to a road ride. I know invariably on the road I get to that 4ish hour range and my brain is “I just want this to be done…” I did 5 hours on the trainer with 4,500 virtual feet of climbnig to do my Zwift century and never came close to that feeling. Why?

My TSS score made it my hardest ride of the year from a metric standpoint. But otherwise, not too big a deal. Just can’t figure out why… No sun/wind zapping your energy? No spinning up after stops? No headwind (I am on a Taxc smart trainer)… Nothing to do but eat and drink so I was better hydrated? I have one of those “happy lights” in front of my zwift set up to keep away the winter blues, could 5 hours of that had an effect?

Any thoughts/ideas welcome!

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