My 6 month journey to the top step

Hello all fascat clients and coaches and members. I’m going to assume that I’m putting this in the right format for more people to read.
I have nothing but great things to say about the results that I’ve gotten from the 3 training plans I have done through fascat coaching. I was all over the place last year, no good results, I could never predict the peak, I just rode group rides, got a few workouts that I used to do here and there, but I was never close to being at or near my potential. I’ve been at my potential before and I know what it feels like, more importantly you’ll know when you’re there trust me!
It’s just unbelievable how many tools are available here from Frank and the crew, no matter what your goals are, Fitness,cycling,rest & recovery & training or gran fondos… it doesn’t matter.All it takes is a good solid foundation, proper guidance and advice, and more importantly you have to know your body and you have to be able to employee discipline to your strategy. I followed all of these things to the best of my ability, and you know life throws things at you that you have no control over only the way you react to it. That being said, I started this season off with the road race crit plan. It was tough…it has been over a year since I did any serious structured training.
It was a little painful at first and it took me awhile for my body to learn what the zones felt like again. I put a lot of emphasis on nutrition and rest and Recovery, and a lot of core work & a lot of time and work on position on the bike as far as aerodynamics go. I’m a blue-collar guy so it’s cheaper for me to lose weight and do my foam roller and AB wheel roller then it is for me to buy a $12,000 F12 LOL. Although if you can do both of those more power to you!
After completing the road race and Criterium plan, I moved on to The Sweet Spot 3 plan. In Florida it’s really hot from June to the end of September. It’s bad enough that I have to work and run a business in it every single day, but when I get off work or before work I still have to get it done as far as training goes. I picked the intermediate plan for all three of the plans I chose. Sweet Spot 3 over the summer while the racing season was kind of at a lull it was really hot outside was challenging.You had to pick the right times to train effectively. When it’s 98 degrees outside and you just did 11 hours of work sometimes that’s the best time to go do your workout. Sometimes you just need a 5 minute power nap and a decent meal & you’d be surprised that you CAN get it done. Sure you’re going to be hurting but again that’s why I emphasize on rest in recovery and nutrition. Honestly guys sweet spot 3 is not just for the winter time or before the racing season. If you have the 3-month break in racing or you just want to go and do some secret training, you’re going to need a little bit of extra time to complete this plan but that is where you will develop the most gains in my opinion. As long as you have it as part of your plan and you continue moving forward. I emailed Frank every time I completed a plan and I gave a positive review I have nothing bad to say. And I always hear people dish out criticism, so I try to remain silent unless I have something nice to say in most incidents. I definitely have all nice things to say about fascat coaching.
After I built my mega diesel motor over the summer, I knew that my A race was States because I missed out on Nationals this year. I went last year cuz it was in Georgia but Colorado would have required me to take a month out of my life to make it worthwhile, considering altitude travel time expenses Etc just wasn’t realistic. I’d much rather go on my own time, camp out and hike and train and visit friends ,do some van life adventuring etc… but that’s just me. I had to pick at least one or two good races, and what better time than at the end of the year when everyone’s worn out and I’ve been following my plan to the T. I jumped right into the road race plan after Sweet Spot 3 and that just put me on a whole nother level. Combined with my core work and position on the bike, I was literally flying just in zone 2. I go to a group ride and it would be boring for me unless I was attacking or pulling the group around. I’m not trying to sound cocky I’m just an average guy. It is what it is though.
Point is, I’m just trying to motivate anyone who is on the fence about what to do next. I’ve gotten so much information from these guys at fascat just by doing my own homework, answering my own questions by doing research, and learning my body and following the plan and emphasizing on rest and Recovery. I know plenty of coaches, and I probably could have got a pretty good deal through any one of them. But I like the idea of kind of coaching myself w/ a little bit of help from guys that know what they’re doing. That seems to work best for me.
We each have our own strengths and weaknesses,but if we can learn to come together as a team no matter what the circumstances we can all achieve our goals individually and collectively. Please hear my words for anyone looking to take their life and or cycling to the next level you are at the right place! Thanks again guys for reading this I hope this can help. I’ll try to answer questions but it takes me a while because I got so much stuff going on in life already, I just go through social media and knock out all the comments, then I have to log out for a while get back to life, you guys know what I’m saying LOL. Anyways take care God bless and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. #fascatcoaching #4theWin


Really nice post. Thanks for sharing. Every bit helps keep me on track during the dark winter months in MT.

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Awesome post.
Like you I’m a blue collar , self employed worker.
Live in Australia so it’s summer and it’s hot.
I start Sweet Spot 2 on Monday, followed by Road Race intervals then hopefully, like you , I’m flying in March.
Thanks for the added motivation #FtFP

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Hard Work Pays OFF - “Cry in the DoJo to Laugh on the Battlefield” - really well done @whit32169 - thank you very much for sharing and post a podium pic please?!

Good luck in 2020 :muscle::trophy:

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