Muscle Tension Intervals

@FRANK Do you recommend doing these on a climb? or on the flats?

Read the workout description #FtFP - its in there

I completed my first set of MTIs (32 week off season plan) and I’m a bit sore from them…I like it! I found that I had to force myself to stop looking at the watts and just grind away.

Hi, I just completed my first Muscle Tension set. I just wanted to confirm that I’m on the right track.

I just did the set at he prescribed wattage and cadence - I used Zwift in Erg mode and brought my cadence down to 45 ish. I found I could feel it more in the hamstrings than quads.

Does this seem like a good approach to the sets?

Hi @jeremymacdonald - it sounds like you are on a right track. To clarify - the Muscle Tension Intervals are a Force and Torque workout - not necessarily wattage. We prescribe cadence between 40-60rpms as a representation of the force and torque we are after if the prerequisite resistance if present from your trainer or 2-4% steady grade hill.

IOW - bike computers won’t display torque (newton/meters) but we know if there’s enough resistance and you are only able to pedal 50 rpms, the desired torque is there.

Coach @Isaiah wrote a great training tio on the MTI’s that you may find helpful here:

“to best engage the and recruit the glutes, strive to perform your MTi’s up a 2 – 4 % steady grade hill.” This is interesting. I’ve found it’s the only way to get the force needed.

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Hi, I am looking for research on Muscle Tension Intervals. I am having trouble finding published research on the benefits of MTIs. I am finding the benefits mentioned on a number of sites but I am not able to find any research that points to the performance benefits. I am not sure if I am using the right terminology as I have come across the same high force, low cadence combo under a number of monikers. The articles in the training tip point to the muscles recruited (I was only able to access the abstract for the Ericson study) but I am looking for research pointing to performance gains. The desired torque mentioned in the comment - is that based on a research article?

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I don’t have any hills over 5 minutes in my locale. I do, however, have a loop with 100 ft/mile of elevation gain. Each lap has about 12 minutes of climbing that I can use for the muscle tension work. For today’s plan the prescription is 4x8 minute MTI’s. Is there any reason why I can’t/shouldn’t do the MTI’s outdoors on my loop as long as I’m accumulating the same quantity of time under tension? It would be a shame to spend a sunny and mild New Year’s Day indoors!

@steve.d.herman I’ve found wind is sometimes a pretty good substitute for climbs. A 10-15 mph headwind might get you into the correct cadence zone.

I will guess that the answer is FTFP, but could I add some of these MTIs into my Saturday or Sunday 18 week SS plan?

I started too late to do the weight training this year so am looking for other options to add leg strength while also riding.

Thanks, and Happy New Year,

Yes, but that is not a bad idea if you have some good climbs where you live? Its a custom solution that we do with our coaching, tho. But you could ad lib this work in on your own too