Muscle tension intervals in WKO

Appreciate the tip article:

and the notes in the MTI workouts.

Did my first Muscle Tension Intervals yesterday (Sunday). When looking at the workout in WKO quadrant analysis chart I see this:

Being a numbers guy I looked at the formulas and noticed they use threshold cadence (tcadence) which is set to 90rpm by default. This is a variable defined at the athlete level, and I’ve never changed it.

So anything over 90rpm is high cadence, and anything below 90rpm is low cadence.

Selecting just the 4x8-min MTI intervals this is what I see:

Any value in reviewing after a workout? I’m questioning any interpretative value because of the default threshold cadence. All that chart does at the moment is confirm I held cadence in 40-60rpm range, which I already knew I was doing while out on the road!

During the intervals it felt ‘right’ although my legs were smoked from Mon/Wed/Fri weight lifting and the 40-minutes total sweet spotting on Saturday. At the start was questioning ability to ride for 150 minutes, but managed to #FtFP and the legs feel better again this morning.