Mtb (HRM) for Field Test?


Apologize if this is covered elsewhere…set to start a 6 week MTB SST plan and doing the Field Test tomorrow to establish my zones. I don’t have a power meter on my mtb bike and ultimately, I am training for a mtb race so should I do the field test on the mtb, without a power meter and just use the HRM data for the 6 week plan? I could do on my road bike with a PM but seems like it might be a bit different. Would try to find a somewhat flat, semi paved route for the mtb test.

thanks in advance,


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Hi Patrick - thanks for the Q:

I’m inclined to say on road bike so you can get the power data. You’ll also get your hr data to use when you do workouts on your Mtb.

When you test again go back to the road bike to measure how much you’ve improved.