MS 150 & Hotter N Hell Hundred

Hi, all. I live and train in Dallas/Fort Worth. I have been listening to the podcast for about 8-9 months. I used a training plan from another source in the summer of 2019 and really liked the structure of a plan. I started using Sweet Spot Part 1 Intermediate on January 1, 2020. My current numbers are: CTL - 37, ATL - 68, Form - minus 34.

What I want to do is be in the best peak form possible for two major Texas road bike events in 2020: MS 150 on May 1 & 2 and the Hotter N Hell Hundred on August 29. The MS 150 is a two day ride of about 75 miles each day and the HHH is a one day 100 mile bike ride in the hottest part of the Texas summer.

I’d like some recommendations on what FasCat plan or plans I should consider doing after I complete Sweet Spot Part 1.



So here is what I would recommend. I would recommend you buy sweet spot 2 and 3. However for just another $15 you could get 18 weeks of sweet spot. The only reason I would recommend this route is that you would have all your rest weeks in order as it sweet spot 1, 2 and 3 together. When you buy separate you would have to rearrange a few weeks to have the 3 on, 1 off build cycle.

Then you could complete our Fondo plan 6 weeks before both events.

After your MS 150 in May give yourself a little break, like a week off or very easy riding. This way you can train hard though summer and be fresh! That little break can help a lot!

Once you finish that little break you can continue with Sweet Spot 1, 2 or the first 10 - 12 weeks of the 18 week plan before starting again with the Fondo plan.