Mountain biking and ultra running plans?

Hey all, I’m an ultra runner/climber first and foremost but I also do some multi sport races each year.

This year my A event is the summer Grand Traverse, a 41 mile trail run from Crested Butte to Aspen on day one, followed by a mountain bike race covering the same course in the reverse direction on the second day.

I’ve done the race before and have a decent understanding of the demands. Private coaching is out of my budget; I’m wondering if an Ironman Sweet Spot Plan (less the swimming) would be the closest approximation. If so, how would I go about adjusting the plan to account for not swimming (e.g. add in additional running/long runs, etc).


Hi Evan - we don’t have any ultra-running plans, sorry. I guess you could do a try plan but I’d recommend you search for plans from some of the well known ultra running coaches out there. I bet you can find one that has raced the Grand Traverse too.

Fro mountain biking we have several good ones here:[163]

Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful -