(More) Scientific Evidence for Sweet Spot Training?

Just saw this article on a mathematical model that predicts the best way to build muscle pop up on Slashdot. It seems this might just be what Sweet Spot training is all about, no? Insight from the coaches around this would be great.

Hi Paul,

I just had a quick glance-and-skim over the article.

Training for hypertrophy is a lot different than training for endurance performance; I don’t think it’s a good idea to draw any conclusions about endurance training from this.


Thanks Christian - You’re right, the article does talk about building muscle, not endurance. Perhaps there is some other modeling that might be possible around endurance building instead? Or does the article hint at some optimizations that can be used by cyclists in their off-season strength building on or off the bike?

Hi Paul,

REALLY late to responding to this, I know!

I think you’re missing one important thing about this model: it’s just a refinement of what we already knew. Muscle hypertrophy is well-studied and ideal rep/load ranges were already mostly understood. See " The model was validated using past long-term studies on muscle hypertrophy."

Unfortunately, I can’t see any overlap with endurance training here.