Mid South Week.....setup?

Mid South Week and as usual the weather is tanking by the day. A ton of us around here (KS/MO) are buying 33 - mud tires for their backup wheelset, just in case. That course is either dirt or mud (not a lot of “gravel”) and tire clearance will be king. What is everyone doing for setups? Any special considerations for the mudfest?

Because of the hike bike, I’m opting not to run the frame bag and going with the hydra pack (helps with comfort). Also, put a fresh coat of wax on the frame, helps drop the heavy mud and works well.

looking forward to seeing the FasCat crew in person.



Good Q :: we are going to run the GravelKing 33mm EXT’s from Panaracer.

Not only will the 33 provide more clearance but hoping to take a page out of our cyclocross and mtb roots of using a narrower tire to sink thru the slipppery mud and get down to the better traction soil. In concept!

You don’t want a big floaty 38/40mm tire that stays on top of the banana peel mud.

TBD on bottles v Hydration pack, no frame bag and bringing a paint stick to scrape off mud if it starts to cake! That and a lot of patience.

Crank Brother Candy pedals for superior mud clearance - these are essentially my CX pedals. Crank Brothers are known for their mud clearance in CX bc their pedal engagement body is wide open which allows the clear to push the mud thru the pedal body to the other side.