Mid South was not kind!

Hi everyone, I have a bit of time on my hands, (and a cast on one). Crashed at Mid South and broke my 5th metacarpal. I’ve decided to use this time to further my training and focus on weight loss. This winter I purchased both winning in the kitchen plans. I also have the Intervals for XC plan and Sweet Spot pt 4 intermediate. I use the plans on Zwift and would like to integrate some zwift races and group rides in my schedule.

Which plan would be better to follow as I’ll be stuck on the trainer for 6-8 weeks? I’d like to do some other exercises like core and weights. Does anyone have suggestions? Hoping to lose 6-8lbs, (covid weight.)

Last time I broke a bone was right at the beginning of the mountain bike season like this. I came out of it stronger on the bike because of the training and I’m hoping to do the same this time. Goals for the year are MTB races, and a 3 race gravel series in Oklahoma called G3.

Hi Jason - sorry about your hand! heal up quick!!

The answer to your question depends on

  • when your goal time frame is post crash - is it right at 6-8 weeks or are you targeting something say for example in July or August?

Since Timing is Everything, that will help us give you a proper recommendation.