Mid-season "reset" post accident?

So, I was on the Gravel Grinder program working towards BWR. The training block was going well, I had perfect compliance, etc. and then Friday, July 2nd, I got hit by a person driving a car who blew through an intersection while riding my bike to the grocery store.

Considering the speed and direction of the impact, I’m really lucky to not be dead or seriously inured. As it happened, I kinda bunny hopped just before impact so the bumper hit my lower legs, a bounced off the windshield and the car passed under me. My bike is gone, my right lower leg (knee to heel) is a giant bruise and my pelvis is bruised, my psoas seems to be strained pretty bad where it attaches to my anterior pelvis but I didn’t break any bones. Absolute miracle.

So, BWR is out, I can pedal but I can’t put any power down. I’m guessing another 2 weeks at least until I can start training again but I’m optimistic I’ll be 100% recovered relatively soon and I would like to do some late season racing if possible. Gravel events primarily. Looking at events in mid September through late October, I may race CX as well.

My question is, should I jump back on the same template? Do something else? Will this big break in training + recovery from injuries essentially put me in off season form? I guess I’m not sure if I will be successful going into a higher intensity plan after this layoff.


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Whoa!! I am so thankful you’re still here. Sorry about your accident.

I would definitely consult your doctor about when you can start riding again. Then I would stick to basic zone 1-2 rides and eventually up to tempo/sweet spot BUT I would NOT push it too soon. I would avoid higher intensity until you can get through the mid range zones pain free. As far as this putting you back in off season form- that could possibly be the case. Better safe than sorry!!! That is my advice, I am not a doctor though! Maybe @FRANK can chime in here!!

Have a great day!
-Coach Allie


Geez, sorry! I am not a dr either but I would recommend some reintro rides by feel to see when you can go hard again.

Then choose either gravel or CX. We don’t currently have a gravel and CX plan jus one or the other


Thanks for the reply (@Allie too!)

I’m going to just take a little time, make sure I don’t come back too soon and then give the CX program a shot.