Merging at home weight training and CX 24 week plan


Last year I did the 24 week CX plan that starts with weight training before going into sweetspot. I really enjoyed it although I didnt have any CX races. I did have one MTB race though which panned out better than usual, so thanks!

This year I decided to do the at home weight training plan as I wont have access to a gym. I was wondering if I should end, the at home weight plan early and join the 24 week CX plan at a certain point.

So basically I was after advice on which week to start the CX plan on and which week to end the weight planning on assuming I dont complete it?

Thanks in advanced


Hey Graham!
Ideally you would finish the at home plan, that will give you the most gains… plus early season racing is unlikely to happen so not much of a reason to skip out.

Once you are done with that I’d advise starting in week 11 of your 24 wk CX plan as it includes an FTP test. Since the at home plan does not include an FTP test, that will be important in setting your zones for the next 12 weeks.

Hope that helps!

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Great that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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