Mental Toughness

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We have all been there, taking a trip into the pain cave only to find that pink squishy thing up top limits my time there. The little voice starts to convince my legs that they are hurting more than normal. Next thing I know I’m sitting on the sofa with a donut in hand thinking next week I’m just going to #ftfp and not let it happen again.

Of course I realise that there is a limit to your performances but does anybody have any good resources for building that growth mindset and better mental toughness. Books, blogs or pods welcome.



This is one of my favorite books on mental toughness and one I think about when I am on one of those long, miserable rides where I just want to quit. Feels like just yesterday I did that… oh wait that’s cause I did :joy:

It comes in an audiobook too so you can listen while you ride :ok_hand:

I also love Hannah Finchamp, she posts a lot on her instagram about the mental side of training and racing.

Being a great cyclist isn’t just about how physically strong you are, you also have to master the mental side too. That is why I am big on planning rides that I know will test me. If I can handle it when there is nothing on the line, I will for sure be able to do it when a podium is on the line!


You’re right, almost everyone deals with these kinds of issues from time to time, and/or at certain points in their athletic pursuits. I highly recommend “The Brave Athlete.”


Thank you for the recommendations @Lacey_Rivette and @steve.d.herman. Building out my Christmas list :wink:

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Great topic, thanks for bringing it up. The IG screenshot reminded me of the technique I use: be present. Depending on how hard or how long the effort, I’ll focus on “1 solid, consistent rep” or “this next minute is the only minute.” And then as soon as the clock hits 1:01, repeat “this minute is the only minute.”

I don’t recall having that kind of discipline when I was young and fast, but my perception now is that my training is better than ever because of being present in each moment of each effort or training session. The added benefit is the technique also drives out the other distracting thoughts of life that both degrade focus+performance and increase stress, so I get off the bike feeling physically spent yet mentally clearer.