Mental Health and Uncertain Race Season

I read an interview with Caroline Mani yesterday in CX Magazine wherein she talks about her struggles to maintain a positive attitude considering that race season may not happen due to Covid-19. Her experience got me thinking about my own efforts to stay mentally well and motivated. I’m three weeks into my CX training bundle and wondering what would help. I look forward to the workouts and hit daily goals regularly. But the prospect of no CX season and missing the “scene” is weighing on my soul (I’m sure everyone else is feeling something as well). The forum has offered advice for physical strengthening, but I wonder what we can do for the psychological side. I’m starting meditation. What else is there? It might be worth a Fascat podcast discussion on what strategies might be helpful. Be well.

This is a great topic. My take is that training and sticking to a plan should be a source of meditation, too… a way to get away from things, do something good for your body and recharge. My sense is there will be a cross season. It may start later than usual with less races, but that will make each one that more special!

Mental and physical freshness are critical and will be a differentiator this fall in particular! This seems like a perfect topic for the resident Zen Jedi master @Jackson!

One source of motivation for me is the idea that if we do get a CX season, all those roadies that spend the summer ripping themselves to pieces (I used to be one of them) and just dabble in CX might end up coming into the fall fit and fresh. That’s still a competition-centered mindset which might not work for everyone, but it’s helping me stay focused right now. The other thing that I keep coming back to is how much I truly love riding the bike, not just for my competitive outlet but for exploration, fresh air, and solitude in the midst of a turbulent world (severe introvert here).

Thanks, Brandon - good tip. Sticking to the training plan creates some nice structure. Also good for practicing loving the training process (no matter what).

Glad to see this topic raised some interest and appreciate your feedback, Steve. Yeah, hopefully Jackson sees this suggestion! I agree, loving riding the bike for its own sake is really helpful. I’ve started taking a moment when I’m in the saddle to express gratitude for health and well-being toward others. I noticed some elite riders do the same.