Meditation: how to?

Hi Frank and Jackson!

Congrats, your latest podcast about reviewing the past season is brilliant!

You talked shortly about meditation. It is a topic that keeps emerging… Some days ago I listened to an interview with Kate Courtney and she explained how meditation helps her so many ways, etc.

Now, I’d like to try it too but… How to? When? Where?

I really don’t know. Searched here and there, found nothing. Have you got some beginner advice? Are there some books I can read?



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Hey Riccardo!

Excellent question…trying to convince @FRANK to let us do a whole episode dedicated to this topic because it’s very near and dear to my heart haha! So stay tuned for that…

In the meantime, I would suggest doing the free 10 days of either the Headspace app or the Waking Up app. Both are excellent and I’ve used them extensively. Personally I prefer Waking Up as it’s closely similar to the style of meditation I like the most. Experiment with a couple of those and see what you think!


In addition to what @Jackson said I’ll offer up 3 more inputs

#1 I find that a solo bike ride with no music in the woods to be quite meditative for me. The key is no music and by being yourself it can turn into moving meditation. I say the woods because that tends be the most peaceful, no cars, etc… Bonus points if you are carving singletrack in the zone.

#2 - similar to the moving meditation this is another reason I recommend Yoga. Yoga is essentially moving meditation especially once you get the hang of the breathing. If you don’t think about anything else other than breathing in a one hour yoga class, you know you are ‘doing it right’.

#3 “Search Inside Yourself” a nice intro to meditation, how to, why, the science, etc… The author is “Chief of Happiness” @ Google. I think you’ll enjoy reading it at the very least.


Waking Up by Sam Harris is an excellent book, and he has a meditation app that I have found to be the best. Also, try headspace. Another great book is Peace is Every Step by Thich Nat Hanh. Not a meditation book per se, but a very good meditation/mindfulness in action book.

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I also FORGOT that your 60 day FREE membership is chock full of meditation classes. Search ‘meditation’ in their search box (I found 975). Here’s one when I searched ‘beginner meditation’:


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